Apr 15, 2011

Call for Entries! [BOX ART 2011]

Call for Entries!

[BOX ART 2011]
date: June 21 (Tue) - July 2 (Sat), 2011
* installation date: June 20 (Mon) 13:00 - 16:00
* If you can not come to the venue on the installation date, please send your art work to arrive for the venue by June 18.

venue: Artist Space CERO

Tomonari Bld. 2F, 1-3-11, Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan
(Galeria CERO: the end of the hall of 2F, Artist Space CERO: the front side of 2F)
Tel/Fax 06-6538-0077

open 13:00 - 19:00 
(closed on Sunday, the final day 13:00-17:00)
website>> http://cero-art.com
blog>> http://cero-art.blogspot.com/

[Intended participants]

* The artists who are producing their art works continuously.

* The members of Artist Space CERO (A, B)

[rules and regulations of art works]
artwork installed on the wall: within W600mmXH180mmXD300mm
artwork installed on the floor: within about 1000mmX1000mmX1000mm
inapplicable materials: dangerous materials, unusual smell, explosives

entry fee
The member of Artist Space CERO (A):¥2000
The member of Artist Space CERO (B):¥3000
except above: ¥4000
(Please bear transportation cost.)

To the people who wants to exhibit the work to this exhibition
Please send your CV and photo of your works via email or mail.

The documents for participation: 
(4)tel, email address
(5)photo of your works in the past, 


Artist Space CERO
Tomonari Bld. 2F, 1-3-11, Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan
Tel/Fax 06-6538-0077
info @ cero-art.com 


[BOX ART 2011]

(搬入:6月20日(月)13:00~16:00 / 当日来れない方は6月18日(土)17:00までに届くようにお送りください。)

会場:Artist Space CERO

(地図>> http://cero-art.com/CERO-map_J.jpg )
* Galeria CEROは2Fの奥、Artist Space CEROは2Fの手前です。
open 13:00 - 19:00 (日曜休廊、最終日は17:00まで。)

Tel/Fax 06-6538-0077
website>> http://cero-art.com
blog>> http://artistspace.seesaa.net/

継続的に制作をされている作家全般、及びArtist Space CEROメンバー(A, B)



* 危険物、異臭を出すもの、爆発物等を使用した作品は不可。

Artist Space CEROメンバー(A):¥2000
Artist Space CEROメンバー(B):¥3000

Artist Space CEROメンバー以外の方はご応募の際に下記の(1)~(5)を明記したものをお送りください。(メールでも可)


Artist Space CERO
Tel/Fax 06-6538-0077
info @ cero-art.com